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Premium commercial office space, Double Bay, Sydney.

This exclusive commercial property is located in Sydney’s Double Bay Village – alongside boutiques, cafes and restaurants. With modern interiors and luxury fittings, it is also an award-winning environmentally sustainable development.

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Wed, 7/05/14 – 12:24 | Comments Off

High profile local Lesli Berger has another project on the books: his own Future Cities Program.
Speaking as the owner of 376-382 New South Head Road, Double Bay, and General Manager of Fivex Commercial Property, Berger says Woollahra Council need to implement the program now.

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Wed, 16/04/14 – 14:02 | Comments Off

Not a single business ratepayer has successfully enrolled to vote at the upcoming Woollahra Council by-election for Double Bay ward.

Councillor Elena Kirillova resigned on 31 December 2013, sparking the need for the by-election. The non-resident electoral roll was closed on 3 February 2014. The by-election is scheduled to be held on 15 March 2014.

“For the first time in living memory, not a single business has successfully enrolled to vote at the upcoming Double Bay ward by-election.” Lesli Berger, Deputy-Chairman of the Double Bay Chamber of Commerce said.

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Letter to Alan Jones – Double Bay Business Community Completely Disenfranchised at Upcoming By-election for Woollahra Council’s Double Bay Ward
Mon, 24/03/14 – 12:40 | Comments Off

For as far back as anyone can remember, there has always been a group of business people who voted as non-resident ratepayers at Woollahra Council elections and unfortunately the upcoming by-election will be the first time in living memory not a single business person in Double Bay has successfully enrolled to vote.

Business Misses the Boat on the Vote
Mon, 24/03/14 – 11:51 | Comments Off

The business community in Double Bay has been left without a vote in the March 15 Woollahra Council byelection because none of the 700-odd business ratepayers registered to vote in time.

Future Brightens for Business
Fri, 7/03/14 – 12:29 | Comments Off

Small business is on the rise with the Double Bay Chamber of Commerce deputy chairman Lesli Berger declaring that the “worst is definitely behind us”.

Retail Leases Act Review 2013
Tue, 28/01/14 – 11:18 | Comments Off

Notwithstanding the fact that Fivex greater financial resources than the majority of our retail tenants due to the size of Fivex’s combined property portfolio, we find that the retail market has significantly turned since the Global Financial Crisis (the “GFC”) and the power in the relationship between retailers and landlords has significantly shifted since 2008 until the present day and for the foreseeable future.